Unleash Your Inner Voice – My MWG Interview

While at our inaugural barbeque this Summer, I had the opportunity to sit down with John DeRosa on the tour de force that is his MWG interview series.

The interview covers a number of aspects of my writing style, reading preferences, etc., but one of the main things that I wanted to get across  is the philosophy that writing shouldn’t be limited to what you feel comfortable talking about without fear of being wrong.

This philosophy, that one can write about what they want to know, rather than only what they do know, is an important one to me. Of course, it’s also important to be honest in one’s limitations and true to the reader. I hope that you’ll check out the full interview at our Medium page and please, recommend and share with your friends. I hope you’ll join in on the discussion.

Full Interview

On the Bookshelf: August 2nd Edition


Out of the Mountains
On Such a Full Sea
On War (New Edition)


Henry Clay: The Essential American
The Long Shadow: The Legacies of the Great War in the Twentieth Century


The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security
Area X: The Southern Reach Trilogy: Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance

The Podcast Quiver: August 2015

The podcast occupies an almost sacred place in my heart. They are the medium of choice on my walks to and from the gym, as well as during the vast majority of my commute.

Podcasts are a great way for individuals, particularly those with limited free time, to get in-depth information about relevant subjects. Additionally, their surge has paved the way for some brilliant production value.

However, most of the time the podcast series on my iPhone are fleeting. Sometimes, they die out naturally as the oftentimes overworked and underthanked hosts move on to other ventures, other times, the material on the shows becomes stale as the founding vision must either be reworked or suffer from repetitive topics. It’s an impressive venture to keep a great and fresh podcast going. For those of them that accomplish it, I salute them. Others not included in this list are Ask Me Another, Science Vs, Word for Word,  and BackStory

The Standbys

Slate Political Gabfest

Hardcore History


99% Invisible


Up and Comers (at least in my app)

The Orbital Mechanics


The Ethicists

The Freshmen

War College


Here Be Monsters