Unleash Your Inner Voice – My MWG Interview

While at our inaugural barbeque this Summer, I had the opportunity to sit down with John DeRosa on the tour de force that is his MWG interview series.

The interview covers a number of aspects of my writing style, reading preferences, etc., but one of the main things that I wanted to get across  is the philosophy that writing shouldn’t be limited to what you feel comfortable talking about without fear of being wrong.

This philosophy, that one can write about what they want to know, rather than only what they do know, is an important one to me. Of course, it’s also important to be honest in one’s limitations and true to the reader. I hope that you’ll check out the full interview at our Medium page and please, recommend and share with your friends. I hope you’ll join in on the discussion.

Full Interview

By adobkin

A writer in New York.