2017: A Year in Reading

I’m desperately bad at keeping these personal channels filled with useful things. However, after reading Roxane Gay’s 2017 reading list, I felt inspired to do the same on here.

War Stories Launches

If you’ve followed me on Twitter the past six to eight weeks, you’ve probably noticed some cryptic Tweets about a new storytelling/podcast project I’ve been working on alongside Angry Staff Officer. Last week, we announced the show, War Stories, to those outside the small group we asked to serve as beta listeners of the project. I’m… Continue reading War Stories Launches

May 2016 Work

This May will be a busy one, with podcasts from the Military Writers Guild and the American Security Project as well as a writing workshop hosted by the Military Writers Guild and Defense Entrepreneurs Forum.

The Pen and the Sword, Episode 2 – Carrie Morgan and Kama Shockey

A soldier writing whilst leaning against a ruined wall, Lievin, 1917 (c). The soldier is armed with the British Army's standard infantry weapon, the Mk III .303 inch Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle, which is fitted with a bayonet. The shell case hanging behind the soldier is a makeshift gas alarm. From an album of 253 photographs, 1889-1920, compiled by Charles William Swindon. Photograph, World War One, Western Front (1914-1918), 1917 (c).

In the second episode of the Military Writers Guild’s podcast, The Pen and the Sword, I was joined by Carrie Morgan and Kama Shockey.