“Astonishing. With beautiful prose, compelling narrative, and meticulous research, Adin Dobkin does far more than just record the history of a race—he conjures an entire world reeling in the aftermath of World War I” –Phil Klay, National Book Award winner and author of Missionaries

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Hi, I’m Adin.

Most days, I’m writing about what interests me in the world. I’m the author of Sprinting Through No Man’s Land, a book about the first Tour de France after World War I. A few recent shorter stories (but not short stories) have appeared in outlets like The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and The Paris Review. I’ve covered everything from the language and literature of war to how we publish works after an author’s death and the last days of an orbiting satellite (lots of sad things, maybe). Between that writing, I’m most passionate about teaching and editing other writers: sometimes independently (get in touch), other times with the folks at Catapult.

Not irregularly, you can also hear my voice. I host War Stories alongside Angry Staff Officer. In each season of the show, we take a topic of warfare and trace its development from inception to the modern day. Mostly, we focus on the stories of those people who were there at particular moments throughout. Right now, the show is on hiatus.

I’m an avid reader and a struggling Tweeter. I also love cooking, tabletop games, and various weird histories. I’m represented in all bookish matters by Becky Sweren and in film/tv by Allison Warren and Shenel Ekici-Moling at Aevitas Creative.