My Podcast List

Updated: 1/30/17


Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Big Time Dicks


Esquire Classic

The New Yorker Radio Hour

Past Present

Reply All



99% Invisible – Design and architecture we don’t notice in everyday life

The Axe Files with David Axelrod – One of the better political interview shows

Big Time DicksA new politics podcast from Jezebel. Just started up so I’m still reserving thoughts

The Black Tapes – I’ve found serialized mockumentaries are a mixed bag, this one breaks the mold

Chapo Trap House – If you’ve heard of it, you’ve probably already rendered your opinion. It’s worth a listen regardless

The Commentary Magazine Podcast – I noticed I had less of a right/left balance on my podcast list than in other media forms. One of the better ones coming from the right.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History – Some of the best historical storytelling I’ve ever heard

The Dead Prussian Podcast – Exploring war and warfare through interviews

DTR – Gimlet + Tinder. It’s more open about its corporate sponsor than others, but some interesting episodes so far

Embedded – Deep investigative dives into the stories behind the headlines

Esquire Classic – New and old Esquire longform stories with great readers and interviews of the writers

The Ezra Klein Show – Another great, bit more diverse, political interview show

Face the Nation on the Radio – For when I miss the Sunday public affairs shows

FiveThirtyEight Elections – Largely data-driven reporting on the 2016 election

Fresh Air – A classic on current events and culture

HowSound – Series on how radio stories are made

Imaginary Worlds – A great podcast on science fiction/fantasy and their creation

Intelligence Squared Debates – Great minds debating tough issues

Invisibilia – Deep, oftentimes scientific, dives into human behavior

KCRW’s Here Be Monsters – “Stories about the unknown”

Kill Fee – Series on freelance reporting

Longform – Great discussions with authors and writers

Lore – Best. Storytelling Podcast. Focusing on true-life mysteries and scary stories

Love + Radio – Pretty diverse story-based subjects. Somewhere between Invisibilia and Here Be Monsters

MuggleCast: The Harry Potter Podcast – Yes, I am a child of the Harry Potter generation and will remain as such

New Yorker Radio Hour – Pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Remnick hosts a mix of interviews, fiction, and reporting

No One Knows Anything – BuzzFeed’s politics podcast. More diverse stories than your average show of the same ilk

On the Media – Fairly examining the media is one of the most important things we can do. No one does it better than OTM

Past Present – Connecting the past and this week’s headlines with three history professors

The Pen and the Sword – Yes, this is self-promotion. I do actually listen to them in order to hear the great things guests have said

Radiolab – Another classic. Centered on accessible, science-based stories

Radiolab Presents: More Perfect – Some of the best in the biz take on the Supreme Court and the stories behind some of its largest cases

Rational Security – Shane Harris + the Witteses talking national security

Reply All – One of Gimlet’s classics. Technically, it’s about tech/internet stories, but it goes much beyond that

Reveal – From the Center for Investigative Reporting. Not dissimilar from Embedded, but longer running

Slate’ Political Gabfest – One of my inspirations in designing Pen and the Sword. Great, conversational politics

Slate’s Live at Politics and Prose – Live discussions at a great bookstore with great authors

TANIS – Same producers as The Black Tapes. This one with sci-fi, mystery tint

Terrible, Thanks For Asking – Stories about grief, mourning, etc. A pretty incredible, moving show

War on the Rocks – Interviews with leading military and defense thinkers

War Stories – More self-promo (sorry). Angry Staff Officer and my narrative series on warfare’s turning points